4 ideas to give to newborn grandchildren for Christmas or baptism

The baby is coming!

The birth of a child is associated with the emergence of a thousand emotions, not only for neogeners projected into a new, beautiful reality, but also for people who somehow participate in a happy event.

It is obvious that the emotional involvement of the mother represents the peak of intensity for all those feelings that the presence of the newborn includes: love, tenderness, the desire for protection, amazement, but also a hint of anxiety, because you do not always feel ready for such an important experience as parenting.

Such intense emotions, however, are shared even by those who are part of the newborn’s family, such as uncles: often peers of the mother or father can, if necessary, replace neo genes in the care of the child.

Therefore, it is easy to establish a connection of deep affection with the grandson, as well as, above all, games and entertainment.

It happens that the uncles were quite strict and condescending, in other words, the figures from the reference, very much like for the grandchildren who often come from them spoiled in the hypertrophied form!

Among the various hugs, the place of honor concerns gifts are given with great generosity, but which are sometimes the cause of a” crisis”: there is often doubt about what can be appropriate for a newborn, in a repeat of the baptism, but also in the run-up to Christmas.

Despite the fact that the supply of children’s goods is almost unlimited, you need to think a little about the real usefulness of what is donated.

4 gift ideas

Let’s see some tips for new uncles struggling with a new grandchild!

– Extra soft Bathrobe
This gift has a limited lifetime, so it is not suitable if you want to give something that can stay in the memory; in fact, the child can only use it in the first months of life. Usually, these are products Packed in a very soft material, with a hood, often depicting animals that are easily washed in the washing machine.

– Reconciliation of the lamp-the dream
These products are fun animal dolls that contain both a very soft light source and a music box that emits soothing lullabies or even reproduces the sound of a heartbeat or natural noises. The combination of light and music calms the newborn, who quietly falls asleep.

– A staple for the announcement of the birth
In this case, the uncle must choose a specific item, whether it is an ordinary blue or pink cockade. On sale, they are very cute, with attractive shapes like hearts soft and colorful, with images of stylized storks, large bows, balloons decorated with statues of various types, or stars and moons of fabric in soft colors; a very original idea is a small ball containing the silhouette of a child, or even a classic stork carrying a bundle in its beak. It is always recommended to personalize these items with the name of the newborn to make the gift even more enjoyable.

– Fingerprint box
These are boxes containing a non-toxic deformable product, usually made of inert plastic, on which you can lean on the child’s feet, which will leave a visible imprint; after a few moments, the bottom hardens, holding an image that you can add a name inscription to remember the first days of the grandson’s life.

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