Gifts for wedding guests: 5 personalized DIY cues

You have already sent the wedding participations for the big day, it is almost all ready but, in addition to the wedding favors, you would like to pay tribute to your guests with a unique detail that has a personalized touch. Nothing simpler! If you love the world of handmade and have already made beautiful wedding favors DIY maybe you already know that there are many solutions to process cute gifts for your loved ones. Come and discover those we offer you today.

1. Bath salts in jar

How about a cute jar of bath salts decorated with your hands? This is very easy to do if you choose useful wedding souvenirs, even bath salts will no doubt be appreciated for their usefulness. Who doesn’t like to take an aromatic bath?

It is enough to have bath salt with essential oils and glass jars to decorate the way you like the most.

2. Fatty seedlings in basketsFatty seedlings in baskets

Plants have a positive impact on the environment in which they are housed, so the people you donate to will be happy to place them in the house. They are usually sold in plastic or terracotta jars, but you can customize them by placing them in a tin or wooden baskets on which you can make hand-painted drawings and add postcards with romantic phrases.

3. Tea and herbal infusions in bags

Tea and herbal infusions in bagsThey are loved by everyone and consumed daily if you give your guests great tea or herbal teas to sip at relaxing moments during the day, we are sure they will love the thought. There are a few, the most common are rosehip, elderflower, ginger, etc., but in bio stores, you will find the most sought-after blends that you can place in bags of cotton or raffia and decorate with ribbons and sewing apps.

4. Polaroid


The detail is very easy to do and that for several generations manages to always break into the heart of many; If you have a Polaroid and you want to make a really special thought for your loved ones, print out a photo that depicts you with each of them and add a dedication, a wedding proposal fun and everything that tells you your heart.


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