Namelings™ – ‘Your Name’

85.00 49.00

Beautiful wooden writing customizable with the name, a fabulous handmade gift for the birth that will surprise the new mother! Perfect as a decoration for children’s rooms, for baptisms or birthdays.


Each large custom monogram Namelings™ set is custom made in 1.5cm thick pvc so that they stand on their own without the need for bases.

Celebrate what’s truly special with something unique: His name.

Choose the color and the words that will make up your writing! In this way you will perfectly match it with the rooms you want to furnish. This writing is the ideal handmade gift for new mothers and their children, who can boast a unique and personalized bedroom!

The writing can be placed or hung on the wall.

12 × 60 cm approximately, depending on the length of the name.
1.5 cm thick.